Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phew, Done With 2010

The whole Komestakes' family at Christmas
Steve made these BEAUTIFUL boxes for each family.
James holding our newest nephew, Devon Dre
Dessica had name badges made for all of the kids
Nevaeh and Mareyn reading new books
finger painting

She had "Principal's Favorite" as their title.
Christmas at the farm

I broke loose this year and let the kids help decorate my tree. With all 3 of them, I had a hard time monitering where the ornaments all were going.

All finished

Assembling Bodin's new tool bench.
Nevaeh's Bethel program
This year we wanted to add some excitement to our Christmas party, so we decided to come in our favorite Christmas attire.

We had a white elephant gift exchange

We also did a cookie exchange
And a little dancing with the Wii

Nevaeh's program at Morning Son

Bodin did try to go up to the stage, but when he saw all of the people he was not having any part of his program.
Nevaeh's class performed at a bank in town
they also helped serve a breakfast to 250 of their customers
playing house in Nevaeh's room
Playing cards with G & G Albertson

Thanksgiving Feast

I love how Jaxtin waited and waited for me to take a picture "cheese"

Nevaeh's class led chapel this fall. Do you think being on stage bothers Nevaeh at all?!?!

Ferris Wheel at the Fargo Scheel's

50's day at school
Bodin's turkey he made at school